Why DBC?

Since its founding in 1982, Dayspring Bible College has been committed to providing a complete and practical Bible education to men and women who are serious about serving the Lord.

Through this program, a diligent student may complete Dayspring well equipped with the knowledge and practical experience for fruitful, full-time service for the Lord.

Comprehensive programs have been developed to educate the student in all areas of the Christian life. Starting with Biblical Introduction, a macro view of the Bible is studied. As the student progresses through his college career, the course material becomes more intense and specialized.

To utilize every opportunity of service with appropriate knowledge, we have designed a unique educational program to enhance an individual’s God-given ability to learn. This is accomplished through a highly individualized program of instruction with the guidance and assistance of an experienced staff.

Practical training at DBC is gained through participation in actual ministries of the church. These ministries vary from youth work to visitation and include many other activities. Dayspring students gain valuable insights as they actively participate in the planning and operation of the church ministries.

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